Guest Curator on ARTSICLE

BAKER is about to blow up. For the uninitiated, the New York-bred, current LA resident makes music you can't get out of your mind. His adrenaline-fueled dance-pop is relentless and makes the heart pound. He's all the more compelling because beyond the catchy beats and ear-worm hooks, you'll find a Harvard-educated musician who has trained as a classical cellist and doesn't let Autotune do the singing for him. You'll find someone whose family owns and operates one of the oldest men's custom clothiers in the United States. And someone who says, of his music, "It’s got a pulse. Not just with the bass lines or the drums but the emotion in them can hopefully be felt. You can dance to it and sing along to it but hopefully it’ll make your day a little brighter or your night a little longer."

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