“Earning well over four million YouTube hits, we are POSITIVE that if it hasn't already, "Not Gonna Wait" will find its home in da club, as well as on every pop radio station ever.”- MTV.com Buzzworthy

The funk inspired dance gem “Not Gonna Wait,” which currently has over 5 million YouTube views and counting, has made the singer-songwriter known as Baker one of the most promising new pop artists on the horizon. Working with in-demand producers like The Young Boyz (Leona Lewis, Bow Wow) Damon Sharpe (Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue) and Eric Sanicola from RedOne’s team (One Direction, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull), BAKER is preparing his debut album, due spring of 2013.

Baker was born and raised New York City, but in 2008, he spent the summer in Los Angeles, where he impressed several producers with his songwriting skills, DIY ethic and unwavering commitment to making music. “I was really lucky to meet people who were interested in making the same kind of music as I was," he says. "I worked with DJ Kelly Cole and producer Michael Fitz, recording a cover of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. It all moved forward from there and before I knew it, I had a demo.”

In May 2011, Baker posted the music video for his new song “Echo” to YouTube where it quickly gained half-a-million views. “The Internet has been a great way to see who’s interested in my music. People from the US, the UK, Mexico, India, Japan and more have reached out to me on social media after seeing my videos. It’s amazing to see that my songs have found their way to so many places.”

The last song Baker recorded before moving to Los Angeles was the infectious “Not Gonna Wait.” “I did this song with The Young Boyz really late one night, wrote it in ten minutes in May, released it in June and did the video in July. Visually, it’s dedicated to New York, the city that gave me everything I have."

Other standout tracks set on Baker's debut album include “Overload,” a track about losing yourself in the addiction of sound, and the futuristic “If U Luv Me,” which Baker worked on with Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola of the RedOne camp. “We got together and worked on the melody, then the beats, and the words just kind of came to us. The song is about declaring your love for someone and shouting it from the rooftops.”

With all of his current success, and a string of upcoming club dates, Baker's sound is one he can’t wait to share. “It’s so rare that I find an album that I really love from beginning to end. I know that with iTunes, people can take apart an album and just buy what they want, but I really want to make an album where every single song belongs. There is going to be a range of tempos and influences, but the unifying sound is me."